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Spring programme 2021

Audience 3 – Wei sraum Designforum Tyrol

Design Activism - Telling the B-Side of Stories

Maral Pourkazemi (IRN/D/GB)

The talk will be held in English via Zoom.

German graphic designer with Iranian roots Maral Pourkazemi's work deals with freedom, violence, censorship, digital networks and the mechnisms of the internet. She co-founded the cyberfeminist collective Deeplab, visualizes the research of human rights organizations, and believes in the importance of creative work for shaping more just societies.

In 2009, when thousands of people in Iran protested the results of the presidential elections, Maral Pourkazemi wanted to take her responsibility and get involved in this revolution as an information designer. Since then, she sees herself as a design activist and puts responsible action at the center of her work.

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Collage 3 – Wei sraum Designforum Tyrol
Collage 4 – Wei sraum Designforum Tyrol

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