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Audience 2 – Wei sraum Designforum Tyrol

WEI SRAUM Designforum Tyrol is a platform for contemporary visual communication and design. With talks, workshops, exhibitions, discussions, publications and design research projects it aims to create awareness for the importance of design in our society.

Since it was founded in 2006 WEI SRAUM has been inviting to discuss what designers can and should contribute to solving the problems of our present society. It promotes an equally pleasurable and critical concept of creativity as the basis of good design. These ideas find their place in the WEI SRAUM-forum in Innsbruck/Austria, which is a lively space for creative people, where exchange, networking, know-how-transfer and discussion take place. Global topics are reflected within a local context.

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Events and Talks

Collage – Wei sraum Designforum Tyrol

Monthly talks and discussions will be held at the WEI SRAUM Designforum Tyrol to convey the diversity and cultural significance of visual creation and design. Therefore outstanding designers from all around the world are presenting their individual attitude to design. In addition, WEI SRAUM will be staging its own event formats focusing on young designers and interdisciplinary projects.

Previous Speakers

Walter Bohatsch (Vienna/A), Jost Hochuli (St. Gallen/CH), Stefan Sageister (New York/USA-A), Fons Hickmann (Berlin/D), Andreas Uebele (Stuttgart/D), Ludovic Balland (Basel/CH), Erik van Blokland (Den Haag/NL), Walter Pamminger (Wien/A), Martha Stutteregger (Wien/A), Friedrich Forssmann (Kassel/D), Ruedi Baur (Zürich/CH), Fred Smeijers (Endhoven/NL), Kurt Weidemann(Stuttgart/D), Gerard Unger (NL), Luc(as) de Groot (NL/D), Rolf Müller (D), Per Mollerup (DEN), Pierre Bernard (F), Roland Stieger (CH), Frank Abele (D), Indra Kupferschmid (D), Nikki Gonnissen (NL), Nikola Djurek (HR), Yossi Lemel (IL), Joost Grotens (NL), Tobias Frere-Jones (US), Helmut Schmid (D/JP), Manfred Alois Mayr (I), Marina Bräm (CH), Barbara Hahn/Christine Zimmermann (CH), Dafi Kühne (CH), Borja Martinez/Lo Siento (E), Mathias Frodlund/Snøhetta (N), Joachim Sauter/Art+Com (D), Leonardo Sonnoli (I), Salon Alpin (A), Matthijs de Jongh/KesselsKramer (NL), Anette Lenz (F/D), Huw Morgan/GTF (GB), Inge Prader (A), Hans-Michael Koetzle (D), Jérémy Fesson, Mathias Rabiot/Graphéine (F), Erich Brechbühl (CH)


Collage 2 – Wei sraum Designforum Tyrol

WEI SRAUM Designforum Tyrol offers a wide range of workshops throughout the year. The focus is on deepening existing skills and learning new things in the design world. All courses have a practical focus combined with a theoretical input from experts. The range of topics is huge and different every year – from Screendesign to Storytelling, from Data Visualization to video and branding, from Letterpress to Sceen Printing.

Graphicdesign for Kids

Graphic Design For Kids – Wei sraum Designforum Tyrol

These include a series of workshops for children under the name "GrafiKIDS", where children of all ages can immerse themselves in the world of design. For example in screen printing, illustrations, stop-motion or upcycling.

Typowalks and Design Trips

Typo Walks – Wei sraum Designforum Tyrol

The typographic city walks, led by Markus Weithas, invite you to get to know the city of Innsbruck from a typographic point of view. They explore the role of typography in the context of urban developement, economics, crafting and sociopolitical aspects. A digital version of the Typo-Trips is planned.

In order to get closer to handcrafted design, WEI SRAUM organizes annual excursions to different companies and Workshops throughout Austria.

Projects and Exhibitions

Breaking Types – Wei sraum Designforum Tyrol

As an interdisciplinary laboratory for design research and development projects, WEI SRAUM is dedicated to topics of regional relevance and social significance. We initiate, network and accompany projects, which are mostly presented in the form of exhibitions at the WEI SRAUMforum. Panel discussions and guided tours take place regularly as part of the exhibitions.


Service – Wei sraum Designforum Tyrol

WEI SRAUM offers a variety of services for companies and public institutions that consider design as an important factor in their projects. They include monitoring of design competitions, design consultancies or company workshops just to mention a few.


Behind the scenes, the association board and the organisation team work on the success of WEI SRAUM.

Association Board

Association Board – Wei sraum Designforum Tyrol, © Thomas Schrott

Markus Weithas (Chairman), Christian Lunger (Treasurer), Heidi Sutterlüty-Kathan, Melanie Gandyra, Julia Stubenböck, Lukas Proksch (from left to right)

Organisation Team

Organisation Team – Wei sraum Designforum Tyrol, © Thomas Schrott

Nicola Weber
Management Director

Stefan Klausner
Deputy Management Director

Eva Maria Weis
Organisations and Public Relations

Barbara Lüth
Back Office and Events

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